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1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War

1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War
1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War

1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War   1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War

A Text-Book For Colleges And For The General Reader By Joseph Le Conte Professor of Geology and Natural History in the University of California Revised And Enlarged With New Plates and Illustrations Published By D. 6" x 9" (17) + 640 Pages.

Publisher's Ads for Scientific Books at the rear. An 1893 printing of this college-level study of geology by Joseph Le Conte (1823 - 1901), American Geologist and Professor at the University of California , Berkeley.

982 Illustrations (nine hundred and eighty-two) 340 pages are devoted to Paleontology. Historical Geology , Palaeontology , Fossils & Dinosaurs. The sections on Paleontology include over 700 Illustrations. All of the fossils pictured in the book are identified. ---------------- Note : This book was originally owned by Charles Farnsworth (1867 - 1906).

He was the son of Charles E. Farnsworth (1836 - 1867), a major in the 1st Connecticut Cavalry in the American Civil War. The book is signed in ink in two places by Charles Farnsworth. Charles Farnsworth, the book's first owner, was born on June 11, 1867, at Norwich , New London County , Connecticut.

A graduate of Brown University in Rhode Island , he died on Dec. 9, 1906 at Colorado Springs , Colorado. His father , Major Charles E.

Farnsworth was born on January 30, 1836 in Norwich, Connecticut. Farnsworth was a Major in Company B of the 1st Connecticut Cavalry. After the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863, Robert E.

Lee's army was retreating south toward the Potomac River while Federal cavalry pursued them. On July 14, Farnsworth led a charge that overran the picket line of the 13th Virginia Cavalry near Halltown , West Virginia. Farnsworth himself, however, was surrounded by the Confederate soldiers and shot off his horse. He then fought hand-to-hand with his sabre before being captured along with 24 of his men. He was taken to the Frederick County Courthouse in Winchester. While held on the second floor of the courthouse, which now houses the Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum, Farnsworth wrote his name on the wall. He also left a grafitti drawing on the courthouse wall, meant to explain the circumstances of his capture.

Thereafter, with other officers, he was transported to Richmond , Virginia , and imprisoned in Libby Prison. Farnsworth was exchanged on March 14, 1864 , and due to poor health, resigned from the army. He died on April 15, 1867 - about 2 months before his son was born - and is buried in Norwich, Connecticut.

I myself have performed some careful repair-work on this book, closing some splitting in the binding cloth, tightening the inner hinges, and reinforcing a weak spot in the front free coated endpaper. (see the photos) Original owner's inscription on the front endpaper : " Charles Farnsworth , Norwich , Connecticut " Some pencil on the front endpaper. Old ink name on the title-page : " Charles Farnsworth " Embossed on the front endpaper and the title-page : " Charles Farnsworth Library , Colorado Springs " No other markings. Lacks the rear free blank free endpaper. The front free endpaper has some wear at the outer edge.

There is old dampstaining on the pages, and some page-ripple in the second half of the book. The pages are otherwise good. (about 160 pages) Atmospheric Agencies Aqueous Agencies Igneous Agencies Organic Agencies. (about 110 pages) General Form and Structure of the Earth Stratified Rock or Sedimentary Rock Unstratified or Igneous Rocks Metamorphic Rock Structure Common To All Rocks Erosion.

(340 pages) General Principles Laurentian System of Rocks and Archaean Era Palaeozoic Rocks and Era Silurian System ; Age of Invertebrates Devonian System and Age of Fishes Carboniferous System ; Age of Acrogens and Amphibians Mesozoic Era - Age of Reptiles Triassic Period Jurassic Period Jura-Trias in America Cretaceous Period Cenozoic Era - Age of Mammals Tertiary Period Quarternary Period Psychozoic Era - Age of Man and Recent Epoch Antiquity of Man Primeval Man List of Authorities and Index. The Paleontology sections include over 700 Illustrations. They Include : (all of the Fossils depicted in the book are identified). Strata of the Earth (modified from Marsh) Specimen of the Eozoon (Precambrian) American Primordial Fossils several Silurian Trilobites , etc. Trilobites (Paradoxides Bohemicus and Paradoxides Harlani) Silurian Plants (several kinds) Silurian Protozoans (several kinds) Silurian Favostid and Halysityd Corals (several kinds) Silurian Crinoids and Asteroids 12 kinds, including Caryocrinus ornatus , etc.

Many Silurian Brachiopods , Gasteropods , Pteropods , Lamellibranchs Many Silurian Cephalopods Orthoceras multicameratum , Orthoceras medullare , Orthoceras tenuiflum , etc. Orthoceras restoration Trochoites Ammonius , Lituites Graftonensis , etc. Silurain Annelids Silurain Eurypterids Devonian Plants several ; Cyclopteris obtusa , etc.

Devonian Corals , Brachiopods , Lamellibranchs , Gasteopds , Annelids (many) Devonian Tribobites (Dalmania punctata , Phacops latifrons) Devonian Fishes Ganoids ; Many , including Cephalaspis Lyelli , Holoptychius nobilissimus , Osteolepis , Elasmobranchs , etc. Jaw of Dinichthys Terrelli (3 views) Dental Plate of Cestracion Phillippi Homocercal and Heterocercal Tail Fins Coal Plants ; Araucarites , Cordaites Coal Plant Fruits (several, identified) Cordaites (restored) Megaphyton Coal Ferns Callipteris Sullivanti , Pecopteris Strongii , etc. Lepidodendrids (7 figures , several kinds) Sigillarids Sigillaria recticulata , etc. Calamites and Allied Plants Calamite restoration Fossil Trees in Coal Measures , Nova Scotia Gas , Oil , and Water formation Carboniferous Corals Carboniferous Echinoderms (various identified Blastids) Carboniferous Echinoderms various identified Crinids , Asteroids, etc.

Carboniferous Brachiopods , Land & Fresh Water Shells , Gasteropods , Crustaceans , Goniatites Carboniferous Insects Blatta Helvetica , Corydaloides Scudderi , etc. Carboniferous Fishes Edestes minor , Shark Pleuracanthus , Cochliodus contortus , Xenacantus Dechenii , Ordus mammilare , Cladodu spinosus , etc. Coal Period Fossil Rain Prints Coal measures of Pennsylvania ; Reptilian Foot-prints Archegosaurus Vertebrae of Eosaurus Acadianus Ptyonius Tuditanus radiatus Paleozoic System Permian Fossils , Shells , Brachiopods , Fishes Triassic Conifers and Cycads Triassic Encrinus Liliformis Teeth of Triassic Fishes Ceratodus seratus , etc. Triassic , Tooth of Labyrinthodon Triassic Reptiles (Labyrinthodon , Mastodonsaurus Jaegeri , Trematosaurus) Triassic Reptiles (Anomodonts and Theriodonts) Jurassic Plants (Cycads , Ferns) Jurassic Corals , Echinoderms Prionastrea oblongata , Apiocrinus Roissianus , etc. Jurassic Lamellibranchs , Brachiopods , Cephalopods , etc. Jurassic Ammonites Ammonites bifrons , Ammonites margaritanus , etc. Internal Shell of Belemnite Belemnite restoration Belemnites Owenii , Belemnites hastatus , Belemnites clavatus , etc.

Jurassic Insects Hemerobiodes giganteus , Libellula , etc. Jurassic Fishes Hybodus reticulatus , etc. Tooth of Acrodus nobilis Jurassic Reptiles Icthyosaurus communis Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus Icthyosaurus tooth, natural size Icthyosaurus paddle Head of Pliosaurus Tooth of Pliosaurus Paddle of a Pliosaurus Teleosaurus brevidens Dromaeus , Dinosaur , Crocodile , Astragalus , Calcaneum Tooth of Iguanodon Megalosaurus head , tooth Femur of Cetosaurus Compsoganthus restored Rhamphorhynchus phyllurus , fossil and restored Archaeopteryx Macroura Archaeopteryx Macroura bones compared with Bird and Pterodactyl Tail of Archaeopteryx Macroura Jurassic Mammals Amphitherium Prevostii , etc. Molars of Triasic & Jurassic Mammals Reptile Tracks Otozoum Moodii , Gigantitherium caudatum , etc.

Track of Brontozoum Ganoid fish Catopterus Fossils of Northe Carolina & Richmond Coal Basins , incl. Jaw of Dromatherium sylvestre Reptiles : Bathyganthus borealis & tooth , Belodon Carolinensis , Clepsysauris Pennsylvanicus Jurassic fossils of Utah Jura-Trias Plants California Jura-Trias Shells Dorsal vertebra of Camarasaurus Leg Bones and Pelvic Arch of Morosaurus grandis Tooth , bones , of Laosaurus altus Bones of Camptonotus dispar Bones & Skull of Stegosaurus ungulatus Jaw of Diplocynodon victor Jaw of Ctenacodon serratus Foraminfera of Chalk , Cretaceous Cretaceous Plant leaves Paddle of Baptanodon discus Cretaceous Plants Cretaceous Sponges , Echinoids , Shells , Lamellibranchs , Gasteropods, etc. Cretaceous Cephalopods Ammonites Chicoenis , etc. Teeth of Cretaceous Fishes Otodus , Portheus molossus , etc.

Cretaceous Fishes Teleosts , Porteus , etc. Hadrosaurus restored skeleton Hypsilophodon Edestosaurus Snout of Tylosaurus micromus Scapular arch & fore-limbs + Pelvic Arch & hind limbs of Lestosaurus simus Tooth of Mosasaurus Jaw of Edestosaurus Restoration of Ichthyornis victor Skull outline & brain cavity of Ichthyornis victor and Sterna cantiaca Cretaceous , Jaws of Ichthyornis dispar and Hesperornis regalis Map of Tertiary Times , North America , showing outline of Coast and Principal Tertiary Lakes American Tertiary Plants Cinnamomum Mississippiense , Quercus Saffordi , Andromeda vaccinifolae affinis , etc. European Tertiary Plants Chamaerops Helvetica , Sabal major , Platanus aceroides , etc.

Eocene Tertiary Shells Turritella alvaeta , etc. California Miocene Shells Ostrea titan , etc. Miocene Insects Vanessa Pluto , etc. Tertiary Fishes Lamma elegans , Clupea alta , Rhombus minimus , Lebias cephalotes (Miocene) , etc. Tooth of Carcharodon Megalodon Teriary Amphibian , Andrias Scheuchzeri Skull of Odontopteryx toliapicus Palaeotherium magnum , fossil Palaeotherium magnum , restored Anoplotherium commune , restoration Head of Dinotherium giganteum Head of Sivatherium giganteum Skull of Machairodus cultridens (Saber Toothed Tiger / Cat) Tooth of Zeuglodon cetoides Head of Zeuglodon cetoides Vertebra and Tooth of Zeuglodon cetoides Coryphodon hamatus Dinoceras mirabile , restored Limnohyus skull Skull of Brontotherium ingens Eporeodon major Skull Brains compared : Coryphodon , Dinoceras , Brontotherium Diagram illustrating gradual changes in the Horse family (full-page) Skull of Ursus spelaeus (Cave Bear) Skull of Hyena spelaea Cervus megaceros Mammoth Skeleton , Elephas primigenius Mastodon Americanus skeleton Mastodon Americanus Tooth Elephas primigenius Tooth (Mammoth) Tooth of Machaerodus (Smilodon) neogaeus Machaerodus (Smilodon) neogaeus restored Skeleton of a Saber Tooth Tiger , full-page!

Megatherium Cuvieri Lower Jaw of Megatherium Claw of Megalonyx Skeleton of Mylodon robustus Skull of Diprotodon Australis Skeleton of Glyptodon clavipes Skull of Thylacoleo Dinornis giganteus and Aptornis didiformis , with human skeleton Dinornis elephantopus Footprints of Dinornis (Moa) , recently extinct (full-page) Section of Aurignac Cave (archaeological site in southwestern France) The Engis Skull (primeval human) Drawing of a Mammoth by Neolithic Man Silurain Eurypterids Palaeoniscus aculeatus and Neolimulus falcatus Eryops megacephalus Archaeopteryx macroura Insects of European Miocene Bees , etc. All identified Skeleton of Hipparion gracile Eocene mammal : Tillodontia skull , teeth , ungual phalanx Miocene Flint flakes , Thenay Plus More. He was educated at Franklin College in Athens, Georgia (now the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia) where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Literary Society. After graduation in 1841, he studied medicine and received his degree at the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1845.

After practising for three or four years at Macon, Georgia, he entered Harvard University, and studied natural history under Louis Agassiz. An excursion made with Professors J. Hall and Agassiz to the Helderberg mountains of New York developed a keen interest in geology. After graduating at Harvard, Le Conte in 1851 accompanied Agassiz on an expedition to study the Florida reefs. On his return he became professor of natural science in Oglethorpe University which was located in Midway, Georgia at the time; and from December 1852 until 1856 professor of natural history and geology at Franklin College. From 1857 to 1869 he was a professor of chemistry and geology at South Carolina College, which is now the University of South Carolina. On January 14, 1846, he married Caroline Nisbet, a niece of Eugenius A. The Le Contes had four children grow to adulthood: Emma Florence Le Conte, Sarah Elizabeth Le Conte, Caroline Eaton Le Conte, and Joseph Nisbet Le Conte. During the Civil War , Le Conte continued to teach in South Carolina. He also produced medicine and supervised the niter works (to manufacture explosives) for the Confederacy. After the Civil War he continued to teach, but he claimed to find Reconstruction politics intolerable - moves of the Reconstruction-era legislature to deeply cut funding to South Carolina College. In September 1869, he moved to Berkeley, California to join the faculty of the newly-established (1868) University of California. His brother John had come to California in April 1869 to also join the faculty of the new University as a professor of physics. Joseph was appointed the first professor of geology and natural history at the University , a post which he held until his death. He published a series of papers on monocular and binocular vision , and also on psychology. His chief contributions, however, related to Geology.

He described the fissure-eruptions in western America , discoursed on earth-crust movements and their causes and on the great features of the earth's surface. As separate works he published Elements of Geology 1878, 5th ed.

1889; Religion and Science (1874); and Evolution: its History, its Evidences, and its Relation to Religious Thought (1888). This last work anticipates in structure and argument Teilhard de Chardin's Phenomenon of Man. In 1874, he was nominated to the National Academy of Sciences. He was president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1892, and of the Geological Society of America in 1896. Le Conte is also noted for his exploration and preservation of the Sierra Nevada of California , USA.

He first visited Yosemite Valley in 1870, where he became friends with John Muir and started exploring the Sierra. He became concerned that resource exploitation (such as sheepherding) would ruin the Sierra , so he co-founded the Sierra Club with Muir and others in 1892. He was a director of the Sierra Club from 1892 through 1898. Le Conte, was also a noted professor and Sierra Club member.

He died of a heart attack in the Yosemite Valley , California , on the July 6, 1901, right before the Sierra Club's first High Trip. The Sierra Club built the LeConte Memorial Lodge in his honor in 1904.

The Le Conte Canyon, Le Conte Divide, Le Conte Falls and Mount Le Conte were named after him. Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood is also named after him. He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland , California.

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  • Year Printed: 1893
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: Geology
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Brontosaurus Ichthyosaur Pterodactyl: Archeopteryx Cephalopods Dinosaur Eocene Miocene
  • Fossil Shark Tooth Mastodon Megalodon: Tooth Mylodon Glyptodon Skull Insects Skeleton
  • Bones Prehistoric Saber Tooth Tiger Bone: Skull
  • Author: Le Conte
  • Subject: Science & Medicine
  • Charles Farnsworth Norwich Connecticut: Signed Cavalry American Civil War Colorado Springs
  • Fossils Palaeontology Science Geologist: Paleontologist Archaean Paleozoic Fossil Cambrian
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Silurian Devonian Age Coal Mesozoic: Reptilian Era Triassic Jurassic Period Cretaceous
  • Cenozoic Tertiary Quarternary Geological: Time Megalodon Orthoceras Trilobites
  • Rocks Brachiopods Carboniferous: Vegetation Fishes Crinoid Belemnites Tracks Bronto
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: D. Appleton & Company
  • Place of Publication: New York
  • Special Attributes: Illustrated

1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War   1893 Geology FOSSILS Dinosaur Extinct Trilobite Paleontology Tooth CT Civil War